DIY banana face mask

Recipe for nutritious goop that you can smear on your face or just eat

Posted on Friday, 7 June 2019

In general, I don’t do routine.

My only routine is not having a routine.

So as you may expect, I don’t really have a beauty or skincare regime: I wash my face in the shower 🛀 and splash my face with soap 🧼 in the evenings sometimes if I feel like it. I don’t wear much makeup, especially not foundation but I am a terrible face toucher and skin picker.. this probably means I can’t complain when I break out.

I recently had a really bad bout of hormonal spots which set me off a skincare rampage! 🤬 It’s hard not to think about something daily when it is sad and painful. I was applying all the (limited things) I had in the bathroom cupboard: sudocrem, bentonite clay, I even bought some peel-off charcoal goop and let the fighting chemicals sit on my skin whilst I played Overwatch - it was quite the sight when my monitor went black and I saw myself staring back 😳

I began to wonder if applying all these chemicals was doing more harm than good, giving my skin more to fight against. Then I remembered that I have been nurturing an aloe vera since it was gifted to me a Christmas. Why not make something at home? Surely that is the most nutritious thing I could do for my skin right now?

So here is a little recipe, based in no scientific knowledge of skin-goodness, but anecdotal knowledge that afterward my skin felt moisturised, soft and a little bit happier.

Face mask recipe

  • ½ a banana (I ate the rest)
  • 1 teaspoon of Rowse honey (bee kind, buy organic!)
  • 2½cm of aloe vera
  • 1 dash of lemon juice

I squished it all together with a pestle and mortar which got rid of most of the lumps.

Spread on your face like you’re a piece of bread ❤