Treat yourself like a Sim

How to get by when everything becomes too much

Posted on Thursday, 6 June 2019

Sometimes you have low days. Days that it is hard to get out of bed, let alone leave the house.

For me, these days are usually paired with pajamas and mild anxiety of what is outside my door, and the guilt of failing to be a ‘normal’ human being. It is the sort of day where I will just plunge into a computer game as it means I have to make very little in the way of real-life decisions.

Treating myself like a Sim is a way for me to identify if there is anything, within my control, that is pulling me under so that I can attempt to kick-start or at least make sure that I keep my head above water.

As someone who quite easily gets overwhelmed by day-to-day human stuff, being a Sim is easier - I can address one thing at a time.

Sims have 8 needs:

In looking for an image for this mind-splurge, I found a Reddit post that encapsulates what I am trying to say.

In the post, it expands a little saying:

Thinking of my needs like a Sim character is how I cope and keep going if I’m otherwise too depressed, anxious, or disorganized to shower, eat, clean, or text someone back. So far I haven’t peed on the floor.

So if you feel poop some days, that is OK. But make sure your 8 needs are cared for, focusing on them may help you carry on.